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Feedback Requested:  The Commodore Perry Regional Trail – Connecting Communities.

Effective regional planning addresses the needs of the present while looking toward the possibilities of the future.  It is forward-thinking, innovative, and collaborative.  It looks at the bigger picture, without being constrained by municipal borders or county boundaries.

The Townships of Adams, Cranberry, Jackson, Marshall, and Pine, each are actively working to enhance and expand their sidewalk and trail networks.  The intention behind these efforts is to create connections between people and key places – parks, schools, neighborhoods, and commercial areas.

With each municipality working on similar goals within their own borders, a task force was formed in 2016 to facilitate the exchange of ideas and open lines of communication. Through those discussions, an idea was formed. An idea to plan together. To work together. To outline a vision for a regional active transportation network that, at the time, did not exist. By opening the lines of communication, and discussing each municipalities interests and shared goals, a coordinated effort was undertaken to chart a path forward.

People. Places. Paths.

Western Pennsylvania is home to a variety of recreational amenities, including regionally significant trails such as the North Country Trail, Industrial Heartlands Trail, The Rachel Carson Trail, regional parks, bodies of water. The participating municipalities provide exceptional community parks and recreational services to their residents. However, none of these amenities are connected to each other, when they are all in relative proximity to each other.

The draft Commodore Perry Regional Trail route highlights the existing sidewalk and trail networks of Adams, Cranberry, Jackson, Marshall, and Pine Townships, and the missing links needed to create a regional route – a hybrid of sidewalks and trails. This route will provide an immediate benefit to each community, by creating connections to local destinations. Over time, the successful implementation of this vision will create a network of sidewalks and trails that link to amenities across the region.

Please visit the Adams Township website to view the route in greater detail and to provide public input on the plan. The plan has been presented to the Adams Township Parks & Recreation Board and the Adams Township Planning Commission.  The plan could be reviewed for adoption by the Adams Township Board of Supervisors at its November agenda meeting.

Adams Township would appreciate as much feedback from its residents as possible regarding this proposed addition to the community!  Please e-mail us at


Regional Trail Concept Adams Township

CPRT Draft Trail Concept Detailed

CPRT Draft Trail Concept Supplemental Trails



Toys are now being accepted through December 11, 2017.  Please bring new unwrapped toys for both boys and girls of any age to the Adams Township Municipal Building.  The goal of Toys for Tots is to collect and deliver a new toy at Christmas for children in need and to spread a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters.

Every child deserves a little Christmas; let’s bring a smile to a child’s face!  We can do this together as a community.  Imagine, if everyone in our township dropped off one toy…just one toy!


drugdropboxThe Adams Township Police Department has obtained a Drug Drop Box designed to significantly reduce the prescription drugs in American homes that are either no longer needed or outdated. These same drugs have unfortunately become the target of theft and misuse, oftentimes by people who have access to the residence. More and more adults recognize the need to remove these substances from the home legally and safely turn them over to law enforcement for proper destruction.

The drop box is located in the lobby of the main floor of the municipal building located at 690 Valencia Road, Mars, PA 16046.

Residents can drop off unwanted medications Monday through Friday 7:30am-4:00pm.

Items that are permitted in the drug box are prescriptions, prescription patches, prescription medications, prescription ointments, over the counter medications, vitamins, samples, and medication for pets.

Items NOT permitted in the drop box are needles (sharps), thermometers, hydrogen peroxide, inhalers, aerosol cans, ointments, lotions, and liquids.

We recommend anyone dropping off medications scratch off or remove personal information on the bottles.

NEVER FLUSH medications. DO NOT POUR them down the sink or drain.