Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the township have any rooms available to rent for parties or meetings?

The township has one meeting room. Several years ago, the Supervisors of Adams Township authorized a resolution (Resolution 2012-2) for the purpose of various governmental and civic groups to utilize the meeting room. The application for the use of the meeting room is only available at the Township building as it is important for staff to check the requested date due to the regularly schedules Township meetings. You can view the Rules and Regulations as well as the resolution here:
Rules and Regulations …

When is a building permit needed?

Any time that you are constructing an addition, renovating an existing structure or building a new structure a permit will be required. In addition, if the accessory structure is less than 200 square feet a permit will not be required but it must meet the setback requirements of the ordinance.

Whom do I contact regarding lot sewage questions?

Michael Corle is the appointed Township Sewer Enforcement Officer and he can be reached at 412-487-4355.

When I have a road problem what should I do?

Immediately contact the public works department (724/625-1826) to report potholes or any other road hazard that you may be experiencing. Please note that State Roads are maintained by PENNDOT and problems on these roads should be reported directly to them by calling (724/284-8800). Click Here for a listing of state maintained roads.

Can I pay my taxes at the municipal building after hours?

No, not at all.

Where can I get information about voter registration?

Contact the Bureau of Elections (727-284-5308) or click here to visit their website.

Where do I vote in Adams Township?

Contact the Butler County Bureau of Elections to get the addresses of the voting locations in Adams Township.  724-284-5309 or click here to visit their website.

Who do I call to have someone pick up a dead deer?

You can call the Pennsylvania Game Commission at 814-432-3187.

What is the cost of a municipal lien letter?

The fee is $10.00. The check should be made payable to Adams Township.

How do I rent a picnic pavilion?

Reservations will be made (at the Adams Township Building) on a first come basis and payments are made the day of the reservation. Click here for complete Pavilion Rental details.

Where do I obtain a recycle bin?

Recycling is encouraged in Adams Township. Click here for Recycling information.

What are the office hours of the township building?

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

How can I obtain an accident report from the Police?

Accident Reports are available for a charge of $15.00. Click here for complete details concerning obtaining an  accident report.

Where can I purchase a Dog License?

You may purchase a dog license at the Mars Area Public Library (724-625-9048) or at the Treasure’s office in the Butler County Courthouse (724-284-5149).

How do I request a public record?

To request a public record, click the link below to download the PDF file and follow the instructions.
PNG-logo-smlRequest a Public Record / Open Records Information