Adams Township Tax Collector

Shirley Lawther
P.O. Box 1230
Mars, PA 16046

Phone Number: 724-321-0400
Fax Number: 724-586-5634

Email Address:

Other Contact Numbers

Adams Township: 724-625-2221
Mars Area School District: 724-625-9030
Butler County Assessment Office: 724-284-5316
Butler County Tax Claim: 724-284-5326

Weekly Office Hours

Call for an appointment. Additional office hours will be posted on tax bills

Location of Tax Office

110 Shady Farm Lane
Mars, PA

The Adams Township Tax Collector Responsibilities

The Adams Township Tax Collector is responsible for the following:

  • Adams Township Property Taxes
  • Butler County Property Taxes
  • Mars Area School District Property Taxes
  • Certifications on property and mobile homes being sold or refinanced.
  • Questions concerning current property taxes, property ownership and assessments
  • Answering property tax questions of residents

Mailing Taxes

Make checks payable to:

Shirley Lawther Tax Collector

Mail to:

P.O. Box 1230
Mars, PA 16046
No Personal Checks after December 15

Tax Collection Information

  • Payment of taxes are to be paid to Tax Collector
  • Township Office Staff cannot accept tax payments
  • Township General Fund: 3.75 Mills
  • School Taxes for 2015: 99 Mills
  • County/Township taxes are billed on a calendar year with a billing date of March 1st.
  • School Taxes are billed on a fiscal year: July 1st – June 30th with a billing date of August 1st.
  • All Real Estate Taxes NOT PAID by December 31st must be liened to the Butler County Tax Claim Bureau.

Frequently Asked Tax Questions

Who do I make checks payable?
Make checks payable to Shirley Lawther Tax Collector. Use separate checks for school and county/twp taxes.

  1. Where do I mail my payment?
    Shirley Lawther
    P.O. Box 1230
    Mars, PA 16046
  2. Can I pay in person?
    Yes, you may pay at the Adams Township Building. Please see Tax Collector’s posted hours on your tax bill.
  3. How do I get another copy of my tax bill?
    Please send a self-address stamped envelope or email your request to
  4. Where do I pay my Earned Income Tax?
  5. I no longer have my shed but it is still on my tax card. How do I have it removed?
    Contact the Butler County Assessment Office.
  6. I am removing my trailer. Where do I get a removal permit?
    Contact Adams Township

Wage Tax Collector and Occupational Tax Collector

Berkheimer & Associates

Phone Number: 724-282-0377