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Recreational Fire Tips

Each year there are many calls for the Fire Company to respond to some type of situation involving a recreational fire. Take a minute to read the following items that lead to these situations so that you can have a safe and enjoyable recreation fire.

  • Avoid burning wood that is wet or has a lot of sap on it. This will produce a heavy smoke, & often results in neighbors or motorists reporting a fire to 911.
  • As a courtesy, you should contact your neighbors when you plan to have a fire. This also helps to avoid calls to 911 when you are having a fire.
  • Always make sure you have an ample water supply close to the fire site. Many brush fires in the Township have started from small fires that get out of control.
  • Avoid leaving your fire burning all night. This often results in calls to 911 when smoke is in the air late at night and very early in the morning.
  • Do not burn brush or leaves. This is illegal and again leads to many uncontrolled brush fires that the Fire Company must extinguish.
  • Do not burn when there are drought conditions or during windy periods.
  • Do not burn refuse or waste materials. Not only is the practice illegal, it is unfair to your neighbors as the smoke produced by these fires is obnoxious. The Township receives many calls each year from residents reporting unwanted trash fires.
  • Avoid having fires larger than the sixteen square feet by three feet high requirement. Large fires take a lot of water in order to be fully extinguished, and can rekindle into an uncontrolled fire several days after the original fire. Large fires also produce greater volumes of smoke than can be mistaken for an uncontrolled fire.
  • Make sure children are closely supervised during every fire.