On-Street Parking – Adams Ridge

Parking Ordinance #150 prohibits on-street parking in the Adams Ridge community.  The Adams Township Police Department is responsible for enforcing the parking ordinance and will not issue parking permits.

False Alarms

Adams Township has a False Alarm Ordinance #61, which allows two (2) free false alarms in a given year (January to December). Subsequent false alarms in a given year will be assessed a service charge as follows:
Third False Alarm – Fifty ($50.00) Dollars
Fourth False Alarm – One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars
Fifth and Subsequent False Alarms – Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars
The definition for a false alarm is – Any signal activated by an automatic protection device, any audible alarm or any other kind of direct or indirect signal given to the police which is not the result of an attempted illegal entry, burglary, intrusion, fire, medical or other similar emergency, excluding weather extremes and utility interruptions, which activates a protection device.

It shall be unlawful for the property owner, lessee or any person occupying or otherwise on any premises to make or cause to be made a false alarm, directly or indirectly to any police, fire department or emergency response agency responding to alarms within the municipality when the false alarm is caused by faulty detection or alarm equipment or negligence of said property owner, lessee or person.

The status of an alarm is to be determined by the police department, fire department or other affected emergency response agency and the decision shall be final.

If you are at home / business and an alarm occurs, call your alarm company immediately and given the proper code and the alarm company will call Butler Control (9-1-1) to cancel the response. The alarm company must call Butler Control not the alarm owner or lessee.

Solicitation Permit

Solicitation permits are required for each person soliciting and for any helpers. Permits are valid up to 30 days from the date of issue.

A non-refundable solicitation fee of $100.00 is required for each person/helper.

Hours of solicitation are 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Criminal Record Checks are required for all individuals going upon residential property within Adams Township to peddle/solicit. The record check can be obtained by accessing the following website: https://epatch.state.pa.us or by obtaining Pennsylvania State Police form SP-4-164 and sending it to Harrisburg. After you receive the criminal record check, an application must be filled out.
Application – Solicitation

Fireworks Permit

Application, Fireworks Permit


The Animal Control Officer for Adams Township is Dennis Sybert who is responsible for enforcing the dog laws in Pennsylvania. He can be reached at 724-352-4732.

He is charged with the following duties:

  • Enforcing licensing and control of dogs
  • Investigating dog bites
  • Seizing and detaining any dog seen running at large
  • Establishing and enforcing the quarantine of dogs in certain areas when required
  • Enforcing the Pennsylvania Rabies Law

Valencia Borough does not have their own dog officer but uses the State Dog Warden, Jennifer George. She can be reached at 724-544-1708.

Dog owners MUST have their dog(s) under control and must not allow them to run at large. Dogs are personal property and the owners are responsible for damages caused by their dog.

All dogs three (3) months of age or older MUST be licensed and have a current rabies vaccination. The County Treasurer issues licenses.

  • Dog license can be obtained at the Mars Library, 107 Grand Ave., Mars, PA
  • Additional information on licensing can be obtained at www.doglicenses.us/PA/Butler