Committee Overview

Planning Commission

Meets: 1st Wednesday at 5:00 pm

Physical planning by municipalities for the future development and redevelopment of their communities has long been accepted as an important function of local government. The creation of a planning commission by ordinance is the best action for a planning program. Members are appointed by the governing body of the local unit. The commission is authorized to employ planners engineers and other personnel within budget limits. Survey and studies of various problems may be made and recommendations for action may be submitted to the governing body. The planning commission may also be asked to make recommendations regarding the location of public buildings, changing the street system, parking facilities and otherwise altering the physical structure of the community. Municipal planning commissions should review land use ordinances and regulations governing development of land no less frequently than it reviews the comprehensive plan. It may also be required to approve plans for building lots and development.

Planning Commission – 4 Year Terms

  • Liz McMeekin
  • Robert Downie
  • Tom Franceschina
  • Brett Schultz
  • Martin McKinney
  • Marilyn Watson
  • Steve Madeja

Zoning Hearing Board

Meets: 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm

Zoning is the power of a local unit to establish reasonable requirements to guide and coordinate the present and future land use of the community. A zoning hearing board is appointed to hear and determine appeals from the zoning regulations, to decide on special exceptions and to authorize variances from the terms of the ordinance not contrary to public interest.

Zoning Hearing Board – 3 Year Terms

  • Jeff Brown
  • Tom McMeekin
  • Jeff Meyerl
  • Jim Holcomb