Planning and Zoning

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for the management and coordination of the land use functions of the Township. It is charged with the duty of protecting the publics health, safety and welfare. This is accomplished through the review and processing of land development and subdivision applications, insuring that the applicable ordinances of the Township are addressed. Zoning is a pivotal responsibility of the department.Insuring the standards of the department are upheld, helps to ensure stable property value.The building block of the department is building inspection and permit issuance.

Annual Permit Report

Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code

The current Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (PA UCC) follows the 2009 edition of The International Code Council Family of Codes. Please visit ICC

For more information on the PA UCC, you can visit the Department of Labor and Industry at

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Subdivision and Land Development

Zoning Permits

Name Last Modified Rating
Name Last Modified Rating
Major Land Development Application
04-02-2020 23:11
2020 Submission Dates
04-02-2020 23:11
Lot Line Revision Application
04-02-2020 23:10
Minor Subdivision Application
04-02-2020 23:09
Final Major Subdivision Application
04-02-2020 23:09
Preliminary Major Subdivision Application
04-02-2020 23:08
Minor Land Development Application
04-02-2020 23:08
PRD Hearing Conditional Use Hearing Application
13-01-2020 19:44
Reapproval of Plan Application
23-01-2019 16:46
Name Last Modified Rating
Name Last Modified Rating
Zoning Hearing Board Application
13-01-2020 21:00
Zoning District Change Application
13-01-2020 19:39
Liquor License Transfer Application
08-09-2017 11:46