Recycling Guidelines

Recycling is encouraged in Adams Township. Since the Township does not contract with a single garbage and recycling provider, you are able to choose your provider. Contact your provider for information on their collection days and policies. The following are general recycling guidelines, check with your provider.


What Can Be Recycled

What Cannot be Recycled at This Time

How to Prepare Materials for Recycling

Glass Clear, amber and green glass from beverages bottles and food jars Window glass, light bulbs, crystal, glass tumblers, ceramics, mirrors, ovenware Rinse bottles and jars, remove and discard lids, do not break glass (labels may be left on)

Steel and

Bi-Metal Cans
Aluminum, steel, bi-metal food and beverage cans Aluminum siding, toys, lawn furniture, foil trays, paint cans Rinse cans (crush if space is needed.) If lid is on can, push down inside can.If lid is off, discard in garbage.


Stamped #1 or #2
on the bottom

Clear, plastic soda bottles, milk and water jugs, liquid detergent, bleach & softener bottles Cooking oil, motor oil, window cleaner, butter or whipped topping tubs, antifreeze, pump top or spray bottles, polystyrene (cups or plates) or toys, pesticide or herbicide bottles Rinse, remove and discard lids (crush if space is needed.).
Newsprint & Magazines Newspaper & Magazines Phone books & Catalogs

Place in grocery bag
(paper or plastic)


Please do not place out on wet days!